Frog & Fly

Frog & Fly

  • - Model: 2000
  • - Manufactured by: Marblesoft-Simtech

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Based on the classic game from the early days of personal computing, Frog & Fly is one of those programs that just keeps getting better. One of Simtech’s all-time best sellers, Frog & Fly features brightly colored graphics with delightful animation and sometimes hilarious sound effects (I’ll bet you didn’t know that frogs could burp).

Four switch training activities help teach cause and effect, two-switch step scanning, auto-scanning and reaction time. A wonderfully entertaining and effective switch training program.

Scan Fly.jpg  Zap Fly.jpg

Frog & Fly is also available in the Simtech Collection for Preschoolers and the full Simtech Single Switch Collection money-saving bundles.

System Requirements
A Macintosh running MacOS 10.1 or newer, or a PC running Windows XP or newer. For switch access, requires a switch interface and one or more switches.
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