Early Learning 1-5 pack

Early Learning 1-5 pack

  • - Model: 0171
  • - Manufactured by: Marblesoft-Simtech

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Early Learning I is widely acclaimed as one of the best educational programs ever for pre-reading students with disabilities. Dozens of options allow the teacher to custom-tailor the program to any student’s needs.

Early Learning I includes 4 activites that teach pre-reading skills. Each activity features multiple levels of difficulty. Single- and dual-switch scanning are built-in (6 different ways), and special prompts allow blind students to use all levels of difficulty.

Early Learning I contains the following activities:

Teaches recognition and identification of eight basic colors.

  • Teacher selects from 4 to 12 colors to practice
  • Color pictures may be substituted for standard color "blocks"
  • Students learn to identify shapes by sight and sound.

  • Teacher selects from 4 to 12 shapes to practice
  • Color pictures may be substituted for standard shapes

  • Teaches recognition of numbers and counting.

  • Practices counting numbers from 0 to 20
  • Uses color icons for counting
  • Optional high-visibility icons
  • Special prompts for blind students

  • Students learn the alphabet in both upper and lower case.

  • Teaches letters from A to Z
  • Color pictures can be used for reinforcement
  • System Requirements
    A Macintosh running MacOS 10.1 or newer, or a PC running Windows XP or newer. Supports keyboard, mouse, touch screen, IntelliKeys, and single- or dual-switch input.

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