Product Development

Product Development

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Product Development  Atec Inc. brings over 25 years of Product Design and Manufacturing experience to aid you with your next product.  From concept through order fulfillment we would be happy to help with your next design.

Design environment::
Firmware: Microchip based design tools, C-Compilers from CCS, Microchip / Hi-Tech, IAR, Keil, Freescale, Cypress, NXP, RTOS from CCS and CMS Systems, Holtek, etc…
Software: .Net framework, C#, Visual C++, Visual Basic, HTML, ASP, PHP, (contract out most Phyton, Java, etc…)
Mechanical Design: Solid Works, (subcontract out Pro-E)
Electronic Design: Orcad Capture and layout, Altium
Packaging / Logo / Webpage Design: Adobe Illustrator, Photo Shop, (subcontract Adobe Dreamweaver)

Recent products and projects include industrial monitors, Games, Toys, accessible interfaces for Computers, Devices (iTouch, iPad, iPod, etc..), Phones, Machines, via Bluetooth, USB, Rf, Wifi, Zigbee ..., Communication Aids, Voice Recognition & Control Systems, Robotic Arms with wireless and USB interface, Zigbee point to point remotes, Talking Books, Environmental Controls, Wheelchair interfaces, Rehabilitation Equipment, Bio-Control, wearable switches, and a wide variety of custom Aids for daily living. Let us know how we can assist you in your next new, updated, or cost reduced design.

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