Beamer\" Wireless Receiver with SLAT

Beamer" Wireless Receiver with SLAT

  • - Model: 100-34500
  • - Manufactured by: AbleNet Inc.

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This receiver uses AbleNet Wireless technology to work with as many as 8 Jelly Beamer or Big Beamer wireless switches at one time. Choose this receiver to for switch latch and timer functionality. The Switch Latch and Timer (SLAT) functionality means your switch can operate in one of four modes of control: • Direct - Keeps switch active as long as it is held down. • Timed Seconds - Keeps switch active for 1-60 seconds with each activation. • Timed Minutes - Keeps switch active for 1-60 minutes with each activation. • Latch - First activation turns connected device ON; second activation turns it OFF. DON'T FORGET - This receiver requires a wireless transmitter to function. Click on "RELATED ITEMS" below to add our Jelly Beamer or Big Beamer to your order.
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